Factory Floor Painting

Industrial Floor Treatments (Stone) Ltd is an industrial flooring contractor specialising in factory floor painting, epoxy resin floor painting and epoxy and polyurethane resin floor screeding.

Factory floor painting works are undertaken in many sectors including engineering, printing, paper, packaging, brewing, soft drinks, catering, commercial kitchens, automotive, aerospace, chemical and logistics industries.

Factory floor painting is our speciality - we do not undertake domestic projects.

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Factory Floor Painting

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Factory Floor Painting With Pumatect High Build Epoxy Resin Floor Paint

Industrial Floor Treatments (Stone) Ltd are a dedicated industrial floor painting contractor that specialise in the installation of epoxy resin factory floor paint and epoxy resin and polyurethane resin screeds on new build and refurbishment projects throughout England - we do not undertake domestic works, concentrating solely on industrial premises where floor painting is required.

We undertake floor painting in manufacturing & engineering plants, printing, paper & packaging industries, food production facilities, warehouses, garages and workshops.

For our commercial clients such as hotels and restaurants this generally involves the application of a food grade floor finish to back of house areas such as kitchen floors, food preparation areas, potwash and other areas of high footfall.


Why Paint Your Factory Floor?

So why paint your factory floor?

Aesthetics - one of the primary reasons to paint any concrete floor is the vibrancy and colour that it produces. Clean, glossy epoxy resin flooring impacts on employee morale, customer confidence, and creates a more enjoyable workplace environment than one thay has dull, dirty or bare concrete floors.

Ease of cleaning - polyurethane & epoxy resin floors tend to be easier to clean. Bare concrete floors attract and hold dirt whereas a resin floor paint will provide a barrier that makes clean-up faster and easier. Painting your floor also help keep them dry and safe and reduces the cost of sweeping and scrubbing.

Protection from wear - concrete floors coated with polyurethane or epoxy resin floor paints will last longer than uncoated concrete. Vehicle traffic, particularly when combined with other factors, can wear away the cement matrix of concrete slabs and expose the aggregate. An epoxy resin floor paint will protect the concrete.

Light reflection - a painted floor with a gloss finish will reflect more light than bare concrete. This provides greater visibility in your facility promoting safety and reducing the need for auxiliary lighting. We can restore the most eroded of floors, repair cracks and spalled joints as well as damage from years mechanical or chemical abuse.

Our polyurethane & epoxy resin factory floor paint systems are synthetic resins that when applied onto a properly prepared concrete surface create an impervious surface seal that prevents the transmission of water and contaminants whilst at the same time enhancing the appearance of the floor.


Polyurethane Resin (PU) Floor Screeds

Factory Floor Painting Brewery Flooring Pumadur HF Heavy Duty Polyurethane Resin Floor

Developed and patented by ICI in the 1960's, polyurethane (aka urethane) resin floor screeds are ideally suited for installation into food environments such as commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, schools and hospitals. Heavy duty areas include abattoirs, meat processing, poultry, fish, dairy, cheese, soft drinks and brewing industries and are often referred to as food grade, food safe or hygienic floor finishes with most of the manufacturers having had their systems tested and verified by independent bodies such as the Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association.

With the patent having expired a number of years ago, polyurethane resin floor screeds have now increased significantly in popularity from the original ICI “Ucrete”. All of the major resin flooring suppliers now manufacture polyurethane resin floor screeds including Altro, Flowcrete, Remmers, Resdev, Resin Surfaces and Sika. Polyurethane resin floor screeds are based on cement and water based polyurethane technology to produce a floor screed that exhibits the best properties of both.

As they can be installed at relatively low temperatures and are tolerant of surface dampness, pu resin flooring is ideally suited to food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities where floors in these environments tend to be subjected to abuse, heavy traffic, chemical attack and extreme temperatures resulting in extremely hostile conditions.

Factory Floor Painting Commercial Kitchen Flooring Pumadur HF Heavy Duty Food Grade Flooring

Polurethane resin floor screeds can be subjected to high temperatures and even steam cleaning so offer first class performance in these aggressive environments, although they may not be required in every areas. In many cases epoxy resin floor screeds are still the preferred material, particularly in less demanding environments.

The advantages of applying polyurethane resin floors are numerous. The cement-polyurethane composition has a similar modulus of elasticity to that of concrete. This largely eliminates differential flexing and the subsequent bond failure that can arise with some other resins.

As well as being able to absorb and withstand extreme heat and cold temperature change, polyurethane resin floor screeds have a degree of sound deadening properties. This is particularly useful in areas exposed to solid wheeled traffic. Urethane resin flooring can also withstand abuse from impact such as the dropping of objects such as pots and pans found in commercial kitchens.

An further advantage of PU resin floor screeds is that in many situations they do not require a primer, thus saving installation cost and downtime.

Polyurethane resin floor screeds can also be laid on top of solidly bonded ceramic and quarry tiles thus eliminating the need for the removal of existing flooring and also does away with the requirement to maintain the grout joints in the tiles.

In the case of new concrete the unique chemical composition of polyurethane resin floor screeds with their similarities to concrete allow for installation over recently poured concrete which reduces the drying time of the concrete to as little as seven days.

The primary purpose for the installation of polyurethane resin flooring tends to be very much performance over aesthetics. Epoxy resin floor systems do allow for more decorative installations.

Evolving technology in polyurethane resin floor screeds now provides for three main variants, these being trowel applied floor screeds, self-smoothing toppings  and self-smoothing toppings broadcast with an aggregate to provide an aggressive anti-slip texture and/or a decorative quartz or ceramic carpet finish. These installations typically range in thickness from 4mm to 9mm.


Epoxy Resin Floor Screeds

Epoxy resin flooring has been around for more than fifty years and is available in many formats, the most popular being:

Self-Smoothing High Gloss - epoxy resin floor toppings with a thickness ranging from 2mm through to 6mm. This type of epoxy resin flooring was introduced to the UK in the early 1980’s and found great favour in many industries including the automotive, aerospace, print, paper and packaging fields.

Epoxy resin floor toppings produce a very smooth surface and care should be applied when selecting them for areas that may be subject to liquid or powder spillages. Often referred to as ‘self-levelling’ this type of epoxy resin flooring is liquid applied and self-smoothing – they are NOT self-levelling and undulations in the concrete slab will be reflected in the final floor finish.

Factory Floor Painting Epoxy SL Self Smoothing Screed often referred to as Self Levelling Screed

Trowel applied epoxy resin flooring mortar - 3 part systems consisting of a liquid resin and hardener that are heavily filled out with silica sand or similar to produce an epoxy resin flooring system with a typical thickness ranging from 4mm through to 6mm.

This type of epoxy resin flooring has been around for decades and was historically installed in the engineering and food manufacturing industries. They are not all the same with the ratio of filler to resin varying enormously from 5:1 or thereabouts for a resin rich chemically resistant flooring system up to 14:1 or more for a budget system that will have significantly lower physical properties and chemical resistance.

Decorative trowel applied epoxy resin flooring systems are also available by incorporating blended colour quartz aggregates to provide a fully functional floor with a bit more than a plain coloured finish.

Although no longer as popular in food manufacturing or production areas due to the success of polyurethane resin floor screeds, there are epoxy resin flooring systems considered to be food-grade or food-safe that have been tested and certified by food research associations.

Factory Floor Painting Decorative Quartz Screed Epoxy Resin Screed with Multi Coloured Aggregate


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